Monday, January 31, 2011

Shayna and Ervin Got Married!

Sissy and Ervin got married! More pics to come soon!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Abby's Little Long Haired Chihuahua- Surprise!!!

It appears that we have two long hair puppies in our new litter! I am not aware of any long haired Chihuahuas in my dogs genealogy, but obviously there is somewhere further up the line. I had no idea at first that these little sweeties were actually long hair pups, I was just baffled by their unusual fur. I just figured it out today as I was looking at photos of long haired Chihuahuas on the internet. Well, this litter has been full of pleasant surprises.

Isn't this little long haired guy the cutest?!?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Florida With Sissy!

When I think of Florida, I do not think of jackets and sweaters, but that is exactly what we needed to wear this week.
I was able to visit Shayna at her lovely, new home in West Palm Beach Florida. I also had the honor of meeting her fiancee and his parents. They are a lovely family and I am confident that they will take wonderful care of my daughter. They are kind and loving. I am so excited for her!
She starts her new job as supervisor at the local Holiday Inn this week too! FUN!!!
I miss her even though I just saw her. <3

Oh yeah! Peanut is living with Sissy and Ervin now. He is a seriously pampered pooch.